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Sony HDR PJ790 Unboxing Review

Sony HDR PJ790 Unboxing Review Plus real footage
Aurelio Cerda Minyety : Hello, a question? you can put a lapel microphone ...
Aleck Maccarone : Your wrong they done the charging of the battery like that on purpose so you can simultaneously charge the batteries faster eg if you have 2 batteries that take 2hours to charge instead if waiting 4 hours it is half that time and saves you from having to buy 2 external chargers as this is the same with my cybershot bridge camera
Gafa Abbott : Pleasee help me out would u say this camera is worth the money!
Salem77k : thanks that was great review .
Lindie Lee : Lots of movement - getting motion sick great if you had you camera on a tri pod.   Thank you for the review, very helpful!  I need a video cam with a tripod for art painting tutorials.  I have seen too many videos by other teachers where the camera focuses on their hand and every time the hand moves for painting strokes the whole picture rocks.  I'm looking for something that will auto focus without jumping and be securely set on a tripod.  

Sony HDR-PJ780 / HDR-PJ790 Stabilization Test

Here a stabilization test with the Sony PJ780VE / PJ790V camcorder with Balanced Optical SteadyShot. The last shot is zoomed in a bit more because with SteadyShot active the extended zoom is always enabled. For questions you can use the comments.
celltxh : From your test the active stabilization mode looks quite a lot better than Panasonic X900 Hybrid OIS. Is this your impression too?
celltxh : Thanks! Some reviewers say that PJ780 grip is much less convenient than X900's. Do you agree with it?
George Taylor : How is the quality of the stills?
George Taylor : Very nice still shots. I'm pretty impressed with this camcorder, especially since they moved the mic outside of the camera's body. With all you've posted, you've pretty much covered the important aspects of the camera which will help me (and others) make an informed buy-decision. Thanks, very much, for your time.
SolisOutdoors : I would primarily use this for planespotting, would the steady cam function work ehile attached to a tripod during windy conditions?

CES 2013: Sony Handycam HDR-PJ790V Projector Camcorder | PJ790 | Balanced Optical Steadyshot

SmartReview.com Review of the Sony HDR-PJ790V: http://www.smartreview.com/sony-hdr-pj790v-high-definition-96gb-handycam-projector-camcorder

SmartReview.com attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) to see the flagship, top of the line, HDR-PJ790V camcorder which is loaded with top cutting edge features. This includes the balanced optical image stabilization, Carl Zeiss lens, 96gb of memory, an improved projector feature with improved brightness and the ability to project not just what is on your camcorder, but can project movies and presentations from your notebook computer, tablets and other devices. The Sony HDR-PJ790's new microphone features a 5.1 channel surround sound microphone which is elevated above the camcorder. Also includes microphone and headphone jacks, manual focus and feature control.

SmartReview.com Camcorder Buying Guide: http://www.smartreview.com/digital-camcorder-buying-guide
Smart Review : The Sony booth, where this video was shot was very noisy as they had a stage and loud presentations right near the booth. So, although most of the audio is clear, there are times when the presenter is drowned out by the ambient noise.
Issa RedBonee : @SmartReviewVideos Hey! Loved the video , I really like the camera and I'm really in need of one ! Please ! How can I get this ?
Michael 마익흘 Aronson : Not quite sure how it's an improvement over the 760. The only real difference seems to be the project video input, which doesn't seem that useful.
Smart Review : The PJ790V has several improvements over the PJ760V. One of the biggest is the built-in microphone. The new elevated top-mounted 5.1 channel surround sound microphone is independent and isolated from the camcorder. An included windscreen can be put over the microphone, which according to Sony will reduce wind noise by 90% when outdoors. The built-in projector now has over 50% higher resolution (pixels) , and almost double the brightness. You can now project content from your tablet.
Kwiatkowskiy : so like how expensive is this i live in canada so im thinking about $670.00 or more am i right or close to it




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