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Multicore 2: TK2000 FPGA

Core do TK2000 atualizado, aproveitando as novas funcionalidades dos menus, introduzidos no core 1.03 STM 1.05.
Bruno Di Prinzio de Oliveira : Tenho um TK-2000 funcionando (terminei a restauração há umas semanas). Não sou nenhum expert, mas se tiver alguma forma de te ajudar com esses valores do RGB, conte comigo! Ótimo vídeo.
Paulo Cacella : Como atualiza para core 1.03 ? Tem alguma documentacao ?
Marcelo Faria : Excelente. Muito bom mesmo!
Marcelo Tini : O Multicore 2 funciona com saída AV para usar em TVs de tubo?

Chiller Replacement at Reef Royale --- Gallery Aquatica

The brand new TK 2000 R290 chillers have arrived from TECO and with the blisteringly hot summer in Australia upon us, this reef tank is in need of an upgrade!

bigbowlowrong : Porn music needed at 18:16
Nicolas Rochette : Great video. One thing though, the new R290 does not include a heater. At least not mine. It came with a note from Teco saying they cannot have a heater in the new R290. So everyone check that before buying!
günther gawol : Why didn't you turn on the chiller,that we can hear how loud he works?
Gabriel Interian : I like his video where he does maintenance in a hotel but I can't find him
Gary Sutherland : G’ day Cam, long time no speak dude, great install as always and Teco are the best out there on the market for chillers, I’m about to upgrade my current DD chiller to a Teco 500 and seeing your Vid I can’t wait to get it. Currently heading into early summer here in the UK and the thermometer is on the rise mate. Cheers Cam

DISCO TK 2000 vol 1
Ariam Palacios Coto : Wooooow you are the best men I love your remix you should do it more often Do it for L....!!
cubanh22 : Como me trae recuerdos este mix de cuando tenia 16 años parece que fue ayer como pasa el tiempo de rapido
Hermoso mix de unas de las musicas mas gustadas de los 90s
Talia Adriana Suarez Pria : Please alguien sabe el nombre d la canción del minuto 8, es un remix ? Gracias!!!
Roger : Alguien sabe el nombre de la segunda cancion?
olmys : Si alguien me pudiera decir q canción es la q se encuentra en el minuto 4:50 gracias




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