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Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD - recenzja

Więcej informacji o Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD:
0w : Kamerka nie nagrywa w HD tylko vcr czyli format wideo czyli 576i
Eryk Tracz : można nagrywać obraz na dysk twardy komputera?
Aleksus Nemo : passvord error ?!

How to set up your Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD Wi-Fi Monitoring Camera

Setting up the Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD is easy. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how you can set up the IP Cam via your smartphone.

The Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD is now supported by Danele app
Download the ios app:
Download the Android app:

Learn more about the Creative Live! Cam IP Smart HD at
Tony Damien : can we record and store the files to cloud storage directly from webcam?
Bhbenti : Does this company aware of the situation that their app is no longer working on a newer iOS devices? How come they don't update their application for compatibility?
SL : can this used as webcam as well ?
Aleksus Nemo : how to access the web interface and how to disable the infrared illumination
Miloslav Stibor : Is it possible to access camera stream from browser? Without any app? What is factory default for username and password? Software and instructions for this camera are very poor. :c(

Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD review (Greek)

Δοκιμή και παρουσίαση της Creative Live! Cam IP SmartHD για το Cool Home
0w : Raz przyjdzie powiadomienie o zdarzeniu, a 20 razy nie... więc mało fajnie. Chyba że jest jakaś opcja o której nie wiem.
Giorgos Mpainouzis : Γεια σας εμενα γιατι δεν μου ζητάει email αλλα αριθμό τηλ.και ενα password ..?τι να βάλω ως password.?




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