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Degree++++ Beta Demo | Eurorack VCO Performance Controller | OK200

Degree++++ is a performance oriented VCO controller built around 56 touch responsive keys. This module is optimized for controlling the pitch of 4 independent VCOs, but can of course be used in a variety of other creative ways.

The module is still in its beta stage, but I wanted to get a video out to better display what the module does / how it works. For now, I am categorizing it as a "performance sequencer / quantizer"

[00:00:20] Monophonic Mode
[00:01:34] Quantizer Mode
[00:02:52] Sequencer Mode

Signal Chain: Degree++++ to VCO x 4 to mixer/VCA to Filter to Speakers

Check out https://www.ok200.ca/ for more info!

Eurorack VCO controller | sequencer :: Degree++++ Beta :: OK200

Another out-take I liked from the demo vids. Its just jamming things out in Monophonic Mode. Routing the four 1v/o outputs into 4 independent VCOs, then sending those into a mixer/VCA, then into the Jove filter. Also, some stereo delay/verb guitar pedals on the output chain to blend it all together

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ok200_instruments/
Project :: https://www.ok200.ca/
Manual :: https://www.ok200.ca/manual/


깔끔한 디자인, 다양한 라벨 종류 보급형 라벨 프린터
엡손 라벨프린터 프리피아 OK200 (EPSON PRIFIA OK200)

package \u0026 design - https://blog.naver.com/desany/220156617413
use - https://blog.naver.com/desany/220157291306

#라벨프린터 #엡손 #프리피아 #OK200




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